Dagoretti Corner Street Children Programme

(UK registered charity 1104382)


Dagoretti is a Christian-run charity dedicated to the prevention and alleviation of poverty and the promotion of education amongst children and young people in Kenya, specifically (but not exclusively) those in Dagoretti Corner. Dagoretti Corner is a shanty town near Kibera on the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya.

The project started when 3 churches in rural Gloucestershire formed a group to raise funds to feed street children in Nairobi, after two of their members visited Nairobi on holiday and were touched by the needs they saw. Subsequently, land was purchased and a building group established who were able to acquire charity status in the UK.

This group is based at Wotton Baptist Church and its trustees are all members of that church. Since its purchase the land has been put to use by providing living accommodation for rehabilitating street children, and running educational and feeding programmes. Part of the land is being cultivated to provide food, and chickens are also being reared. A bore hole has been dug and new latrines built, and we now have electricity.


Soup Lunches

In order to raise funds for the Dagoretti project we hold regular soup lunches. These are held on the second Friday of every month from 12.00 – 2.00pm in our church hall . All soups and puddings are home-made; soup and a roll costs £3.50 and puddings are £1.50, with a choice of four or five soups and puddings.

In March 2017 we filled 11 tables in the hall and provided 38 take-always to local shop and office workers in their premises at lunchtime, and raised a total of £702.

A big thank you to all those who loyally come to the lunches and support us financially every month. The lunches involve all the trustees and a wonderful bunch of volunteers.


Real Life Story


When we first met Godfrey in 2009 he had been on the streets for 18 months.

Godfrey started coming for meals and after suffering some severe abuse on the streets, was taken in for his own safety. Slowly he has responded to love and care and has been sponsored by us into primary school, (primary school education is now free in Kenya but money is desperately needed for uniforms, books, food, and clothes). Godfrey has struggled but has worked hard and is now doing well, his grades have improved and his confidence grown.

This is a picture of Godfrey (right) in his school uniform a year after restarting school. Although he was 15 then he has had to start with primary school but with help he is now ranked 86 out of over 200.