Wotton Debt Advice Centre

Wotton Debt Advice Centre is part of the outreach of Wotton Baptist Church and offers free and confidential debt and money advice to any who need it. There is a team of trained advisers helped by a small group of assistants, all of who are members of the church. The Centre was founded in 2008 in response to the vision of a number of members and the then minister of the church and to December 2015 has worked with over 90 clients.

One of the clients has written “I was in debt and unable to cover the monthly payments required by the credit cards and banks. I had spent nearly 12 months worrying then I made an appointment with the Wotton debt advice centre. I met with an adviser and his co-worker who made me feel welcome and at home immediately; they not only wrote to my creditors on my behalf and produced a financial statement but they talked to me, reassured me and prayed with me and I went away from that initial meeting feeling as though a weight had been lifted. I would like to consider them a friend and one of the best influences I have had. I feel stronger and more capable than before.”

The Centre is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The Centre is affiliated to Community Money Advice (CMA), a national debt advice organisation that trains the advisers and provides support and professional oversight. There are 115 centres like ours around England and Wales, with a further 3 due to open in Scotland in late 2012.

To find out more about the Centre please visit our web site, www.wottondebtadvice.org.uk and to see what CMA does visit their site at www.communitymoneyadvice.com.