The Bible Course

For many believers, the Bible can be a complicated book; some parts such as the New Testament seem reasonably straight forward, mostly focussed on Jesus and his immediate followers. 

The Old Testament in contrast can seem obscure; the God it speaks of can appear to bear little in common with the Jesus of the New Testament; it can seem full of archaic practices and irrelevant rules for living. It’s God can seem vengeful and as for those historic figures who believed in Him………? In fact many would say ‘what’s the point of the Old Testament; can we trust the whole Bible; how do we come to have it as it is today and how should we read it?’.

Following a most successful first run of the Bible Society’s ‘The Bible Course’ in the early part of this year, we are planning to repeat the 8 session course weekly, beginning on Tuesday November 2nd , ending Tuesday  Dec 21st, and discover some answers to the above and other questions. Each session will comprise a very watchable video, with discussion opportunities during our time together. 

The course should be of particular help to ‘not yet’ and ‘new’ believers, those who have been discouraged in their attempts to get to grips with the written word of God, and for any who have not given up but are still confused! So anyone really. It is also a great follow on from The Alpha Course.

One participant from our earlier course said; ’Thank you for doing it. It’s been a brilliant few weeks in getting to grips with the bible. Really enjoyed it’

If you think this is for you or have a friend who you think might would like to consider this, then for more information do please get in touch with Chris Lowther on 07518 119711 or email