WBC, in common with all Baptist churches has a membership, so that together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can discern God’s heart for our church and its mission.  This is not the same as democracy.  We are seeking God’s will, not trying to assert our own.  We also recognise that different people have different gifts and areas of expertise in the life of the church and we hear God’s voice through them accordingly.  The bi-monthly members’ meeting is an important part of this discerning process and all members are expected to attend unless unavoidably detained.  Voting procedures for church meetings are laid out in the church’s constitution; however the aim of the meeting is always to seek consensus around God’s will.


We expect members to:

  • Attend Sunday worship on a weekly basis when at home, a home group accountable to the church leadership, church members’ meetings and prayer meetings.
  • Pray, study the bible in order to hear God’s voice and grow in faith.
  • Support the mission of the church – by serving with the gifts God gives to each of us and through regular prayer and financial giving (see page 11).
  • Live out the Christian message in every area of their life – work, finance, relationships, church, home, school, college
  • Witness and Disciple.

As a Baptist church, we believe that the normal mode of entry into Christian faith includes faith in Jesus, repentance from sin, receipt of the Holy Spirit, Baptism on confession of faith and joining the church (in the form of its local expression).  Consequently the norm is for all church members to have been baptised on confession of faith.


Membership groups run periodically and are designed to encourage you in your faith and help you to find out about WBC.  Attending membership classes is a prerequisite of membership, but it does not necessarily result in membership. On completion of the sessions, one of the WBC membership team will visit you to explore further any issues raised, to pray together and to decide together whether to recommend to the church meeting that you be accepted into membership.  If the recommendation is carried by the church meeting, you will be welcomed into membership on a subsequent Sunday morning and at the subsequent church meeting.